Wednesday, September 23, 2015


One day

she came home with a new religion, Rhian Ramosism,
built around the entity
The Awesomeness That Is Rhian Ramos,
and this posed a challenge to my agnosticism,

I mean, my occasional dabbling in
Gemma Artertonism doesn't count, does it.

"Holy shit, Rhian Ramos," was how she put it,
and with the internet as my arsenal I sought
to learn of the holiness of
The Awesomeness That Is Rhian Ramos,
and from there I divined a connection
to Glaiza De Castroism and I just happened to know
the High Priestess of Glaiza De Castroism.

So I lit some incense and sent a prayer,
"O Masterious One, will you grant me wisdom
to be enlightened?" but the Masterious One,
while knowing of
The Awesomeness That Is Rhian Ramos,
could not reveal everything,
she has not seen everything,
but she believes,

And I understood at last how faith must be like.
I understood I have to find it within myself.

I thought of investing in a full set of
trench coat, hat, and sunglasses:
I mean, I've never secretly traded coin with free will
for passage granted by a Pinoy movie ticket. I mean,
never since The Cuteness That Is Beth Tamayo days.

Here I am at the threshold of the cold,
the dark, the movie house, The Church Of
The Awesomeness That Is Rhian Ramos,
and the fear of having Filipino blood sinks in,

O God, what am I doing, what have I done,
I have sold my Filipino soul so now
I have to cast my vote for
The Awesomeness That Is Rhian Ramos
should she run for president

one day


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

rain thing

this planet seldom does this -
  rain thing -
when i’m with -
  whatsyourface -
it makes for rarer moments

of quiet contemplation, or
secret introspections
imposing onto

our small talks too
small for my tastes.

man, you make me feel like
a fisherman

hurling hook and line
aimed at that -
  moon thing -
playing for that one chance
that gravity gets
a brain fart and lets
me catch you -

i mean catch that -
  moon thing -

and i wouldn’t know what to do then, would i.

except, maybe.
grapple at my chest and
find a latch that opens
it. rummage for my heart and
hope it’s a document

full of words for things
hanging or
falling from
the sky,

and you.

can i crumple it and toss it,
what’s another crumpled heart amongst
the growing pile of my crumpled hearts.
can i start over again
can i overwrite my paper heart

eradicate the contamination of you.
totally, this time.
resist to not write you in this time.
tell me
will that make me

can i be the fool with the empty heart
hanging on a line hooked to that -
  white round cheese thing -
hanging from the sky, wondering

what am i doing here standing like a fool.

but at least i'll be at peace
amusing myself with something like
giving things silly nicknames like -